UTI / Bladder infection
Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to treat a UTI / bladder infection online?

Yes! When it comes to treating uncomplicated UTIs – bladder infections in otherwise healthy young adults – research shows that a urine culture isn’t needed. That means you don’t need to be seen in person or provide a urine sample. A practitioner can treat you UTI online – diagnosing a UTI based on your symptoms and providing a treatment plan and prescription antibiotics to clear up an infection.

Who is treating my UTI online?

We employ licensed and board-certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants who can assess and diagnose common medical conditions and prescribe medications. Our team of experienced practitioners have practiced in various specialties including women’s health, family medicine, pediatrics and dermatology.

What if I have questions about my treatment plan or prescription meds?

Free follow-up care is included with your visit. If you have any questions or concerns about your diagnosis, treatment plan or prescription medications – simply select Help in your treatment plan to Request a Follow-up with a nurse practitioner.

What if I develop a yeast infection from the antibiotics prescribed to treat my UTI?

Some women who take antibiotics to treat a UTI may develop a yeast infection. If this happens, Virtuwell can provide a prescription for a one-pill yeast infection treatmentunder the same treatment plan. That means you only pay for your prescription – not another online visit.

What if my UTI comes back?

Unfortunately, recurrent UTIs are fairly common. If you notice familiar UTI symptoms returning, start an online visit at Virtuwell ASAP. The sooner you treat a UTI, the sooner you can get relief from uncomfortable and painful UTI symptoms and clear up an infection.

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