Urgent care online

Frequently asked questions

What does Virtuwell treat?

We treat a wide range of everyday conditions, similar to those treated at a convenience clinic or urgent care. Popular reasons to visit include:

Acne, Allergies, Birth control, Bladder infections, Cough and crud, Cold sores, Ear infections, Eczema, Flu (seasonal), Pink eye, Rashes, Sinus infections, STIs, Upper respiratory infections, Yeast infections and more. Check out our complete list of the conditions we treat online.

Do I need to make an appointment to use Virtuwell?

No. Similar to an urgent care clinic, there is no appointment needed. With Virtuwell, you can start your visit anytime—from anywhere. Simply click Start Diagnosis to begin your online interview, and one of our certified nurse practitioners will create a treatment plan for you—typically in about an hour.

Can Virtuwell really diagnose me without seeing me in person?

Yes, and here's why: We ask the same questions you'd hear in a doctor's office or urgent care, but online. Many simple conditions are accurately diagnosed with a thorough medical interview and, in some cases, a picture, too. An online diagnosis isn't right for everything, of course, and we don't treat conditions that require a physical exam or lab test. But for conditions we do treat, diagnosing them online is very effective.

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