Common causes

Is my sinus infection viral, bacterial, or something else?

Pain, pressure and congestion are all common symptoms of a sinus infection – but the best treatment depends on the underlying cause. We look for key differences in your symptoms to prescribe the best treatment to get you feeling better.


Most common and can stem from a common cold.


Symptoms usually last longer than 10 days.


Typically identified by reoccurring infections.

Sinus Infection

Frequently asked questions

Can Virtuwell really diagnose me without seeing me in person?

Yes, and here's why: We ask the same questions you'd hear in a doctor's office – but online. From there our nurse practitioners review each case and use their expertise and judgment to recommend the right treatment. If they need more information they'll call you. And if you have any questions about the diagnosis or treatment plan, they're available by phone to talk something through.

Are antibiotics the answer for all sinus infections?

Antibiotics are designed to attack bacteria, not viruses. When signs point to a bacterial sinus infection, treatment often includes an antibiotic. However, prescribing antibiotics for viral infections is ineffective at best and increasingly irresponsible at its worst. As the understanding of antibiotics grows, the goal is to prescribe antibiotics appropriately, lessening the risk of antibiotic resistance.

What do I get with my treatment plan?

Treatment plans include your diagnosis and recommended medications, including prescriptions. You'll pick up and pay for any prescriptions at your pharmacy, just like a typical clinic visit. We'll also outline what you can expect while following your treatment plan and future prevention tips. Plus, any follow-up care related to the visit are included, free of charge.

My mucus is green or yellow, does that mean I need an antibiotic?

Colored mucus - whether green, yellow, or something in between – does not tell us if a sinus infection is viral or bacterial. The color comes from dead white blood cells and other waste products which is a sign that your body's immune system is fighting either type of infection.

Is the prescription included in the $49 or is there a separate cost?

Prescriptions are a separate cost. You pay for your medication at the pharmacy, just like a typical clinic visit. Prescription costs can vary, but we try to keep costs low by prescribing generic brands when possible. We're also available to make adjustments if there is any concern about the cost of your prescription.

What if I'm not feeling better?

If your treatment plan isn't working for you, follow-up care and any adjustments related to your initial visit are included at no charge. Simply select Help in your treatment plan to Request a Callback with a nurse practitioner.

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