The culprit may be a sinus infection

Does the pain and pressure behind your eyes and cheeks have you running for relief? Caused by either a virus or bacteria, these symptoms are red flags for sinus infections.

Is it more than a stuffy nose?

Symptoms of a sinus infection

Nasal blockage

Thick and colored discharge

Facial pain

Fever (usually within the first 2 days)


Runny nose

Bad breath (sometimes)

Tooth pain (sometimes)

Sore throat (rarely)

Cough (rarely)

What to expect

Sinus infection treatment

At virtuwell, we safely treat sinus infections every day online. We'll help with bacterial, allergic and viral sinus infections. Treatments include antibiotics, prescription nasal steroids, and powerful combinations of OTC medications. We treat sinus infections for adults, and kids age 2 and older.

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I think I have a sinus infection

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