Pink eye treatment
in a blink.

The signs of pink eye (or conjunctivitis) are clear, and annoying. Getting the right Rx to clear up the infection as fast as possible is where we can help.

Safe + convenient

How do we treat pink eye online?

With a quick online visit our certified practitioners will send a prescription to your nearest pharmacy in about an hour.

1. Answer questions

You’ll answer the same questions online that you’d hear in a doctor’s office.

2. Upload photos

Photos can help confirm your condition. We make it easy to upload during the interview.

3. Expert review

Certified practitioners make their diagnosis based on your symptoms.

4. Fast treatment

In about an hour a prescription will be sent to the pharmacy you choose.

Your cost

A visit is $59

A visit at Virtuwell is $59. That includes any follow-up and questions along the way. While you don’t need insurance to use Virtuwell, it can often bring the cost lower. And alongside our satisfaction guarantee, is our promise that if Virtuwell can’t treat you, there’s no charge.

Photos + diagnosis

Clear photos help clear things up.

When you take a picture on your phone and upload it in your interview, our practitioners can zoom in to see detail and help confirm your diagnosis.

Face a light source

Bright, crisp photos help us examine the eye.

Get close

A close-up shot is the best way to see the symptoms.

Double up

A second shot showing your face and both eyes is helpful for comparison.

Your visit

What you'll get

A prescription for pink eye

Often, prescription drops are all that’s needed to clear up pink eye. We’ll send a prescription for antibiotics to your pharmacy and share helpful tips to ease the crusty, goopy symptoms.

Free follow up

We’ll check in to make sure everything is going as expected with your plan. If for some reason it’s not working for you, follow-up care and any adjustments are included at no charge.

Excuse note

Schools and daycare often need proof that treatment started. You can quickly print the note right from your account. Everyone gets back to their day a little faster!

No waiting

Ready for easy pink eye treatment?

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Pink eye treatment

Frequently asked questions

Is pink eye contagious?

Pink eye has different causes. If it’s caused by allergies, it isn’t contagious. But with viral or bacterial pink eye you’re typically considered contagious until the eye stops tearing and creating a discharge. Pink eye readily spreads to others by direct contact with the eye drainage or by touching contaminated items. The best way to prevent the spread of pink eye is to stay home until symptoms ease or until 24 hours after starting treatment. If you can’t stay home, limit your contact with others, wash your hands often and try not to touch your eyes.

Is it safe to get pink eye treatment online?

Yes. Our online clinic follows the best standards used by traditional clinics and hospitals. If there’s ever any indication your condition is more serious, we’ll give you a referral to in-person care. There’s no charge for that advice, and it’s a rare occurrence. Pink eye is very common and treatable.

When do you need antibiotics for pink eye?

Antibiotics will help clear up bacterial infections. Viral pink eye won’t respond to antibiotics, but we’ll help diagnose your condition and provide the most effective treatment plan.