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Frequently asked questions

Can you help identify my skin rash?

You’ve got a rash but you’re not sure what it is? No problem. Rashes come in many shapes and forms – and often with many questions. During your visit you’ll tell us about your rash and upload a few images. From there, our nurse practitioners will review and provide a diagnosis & treatment plan. Many of our customers also wonder, is my rash contagious? Or do I need a prescription? We’re here to answer these questions and more, that’s why free follow-up care is included with every visit.

Can Virtuwell really diagnose my rash or skin condition without seeing me in person?

Yes, and here's why: We ask the same questions you'd hear in a doctor's office or at a dermatologist visit, but online. Many simple skin conditions are accurately diagnosed with our thorough medical interview and photo upload. If your condition is more complex, or requires a physical exam or lab work, we may recommend in person care. If that happens and we can't treat you, there is no cost for your visit.

Do I need to make an appointment for online dermatology or skin visit?

No, unlike some services that require you to set an appointment time for a video visit with a doctor, Virtuwell is an easy-to-use online interview that you can start at any time.

Can I use Virtuwell without referral to a dermatologist?

Yes! Our nurse practitioners can diagnose and treat everyday skin conditions – no referral needed. You can start a visit 24/7 from anywhere, on any device. It’s that simple.

How much is a dermatology or skin visit at Virtuwell?

Using Virtuwell costs $59 per visit. We also bill insurance, which may lower your payment. Treatment plans include your diagnosis and recommended medications, including prescriptions. You’ll pick up and pay for any prescriptions at your pharmacy, just like a typical clinic visit. Your $59 visit cost also includes free follow-up care.

What else does Virtuwell treat?

We treat a wide range of everyday conditions, similar to those treated at a convenience clinic or urgent care. Popular reasons to visit include:

Allergies, Birth control, Bladder infections, Cough and crud, Cold sores, Ear infections, Flu (seasonal), Pink eye, Sinus infections, STIs, Upper respiratory infections, Yeast infections and more. Check out our complete list of the conditions we treat online.

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