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How do we prescribe birth control online?

A visit at virtuwell is easy. You’ll answer simple questions in an online interview that takes about 10 minutes. Our nurse practitioners will send a text the moment your prescription has been sent to your pharmacy.

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A visit is $49

A visit at virtuwell is $49. We accept insurance which can bring the cost lower when virtuwell is covered in your network, but insurance isn’t needed. If you have any questions or want to consider another option, we’re available to talk or make adjustments – both included in your free follow-up care.

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Birth control prescription

In just minutes, your birth control prescription is sent to the pharmacy you choose. Your plan will outline when to start, what to watch for, and other helpful tips when using birth control.

Free 24/7 phone support

Sometimes you just need a little assurance or have a question. Our nurse practitioners are always available and can talk through any concerns.

Free follow-up care

We’ll check in to make sure everything is going as expected with your plan. If for some reason it’s not working for you, follow-up care and any adjustments are included at no charge.


Who we treat

Our practitioners prescribe birth control for women who are in overall good health between ages 18-34.

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Online birth control

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to get birth control online?

Our practitioners prescribe the same types of birth control you’d get from a doctor at an in-person visit. We factor in your health history and current situation to prescribe a birth control option for you. Your birth control prescription can be picked up at any pharmacy you use and trust.

Who is prescribing my birth control?

virtuwell was designed and developed by HealthPartners , a health care system with a rich history in innovative care. Our board certified nurse practitioners are all licensed and experienced providers. Like a doctor, they can assess, diagnose and prescribe medications. Among our team is nearly 300 collective years of clinical experience, with expertise spanning general practice, women’s health, dermatology, family medicine, geriatrics and pediatrics.

What if I experience side-effects?

Some women experience side effects while using birth control. Most are mild and go away after the first two or three months. We’ll always let you know what to expect and what to watch out for with your prescription. When you have questions or are considering a different option, our practitioners can help with any adjustments as part of your free follow-up care.

What will birth control cost?

Your cost for birth control may vary based on the type of birth control prescribed, the pharmacy you choose and your insurance coverage. While virtuwell doesn’t control these prices, we’ll always help you find the most affordable option. The $49 charge covers your visit only, which includes a prescription sent to your pharmacy.

Don’t I need an annual exam to get birth control?

Physical exams and pap smears, or cervical cancer screenings, are important, and should be scheduled based on your age and risk. The current recommended guidelines from The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists are every 3 or 5 years for most women. But birth control can be prescribed at any time and is not dependent on a physical exam or test.

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