Asthma inhaler

Frequently asked questions

Is the prescription included in the $59 or is there a separate cost?

Prescriptions are a separate cost, which may vary based on the type of medication prescribed, the pharmacy you choose, and your insurance coverage. While Virtuwell doesn’t control these prices, we’ll always help you find the most affordable option.

Is it safe to get my inhaler refilled online?

Yes. Our online clinic follows the best standards used in primary care clinics. We consider your medical history along with your current situation to provide a personalized treatment plan, including a refill on your rescue inhaler. Then you can pick up your prescription at the pharmacy of your choice. If it’s not safe for us to treat you online, we’ll let you know and recommend other options.

What types of asthma medications does Virtuwell prescribe?

We offer albuterol rescue inhaler refills to people ages 18–64 who have used a rescue inhaler before. If you have allergy-induced asthma symptoms or triggers, our nurse practitioners can recommend or prescribe medications to help you manage that, too. At this time Virtuwell does not provide prescription refills for daily maintenance inhalers (such as Advair or Symbicort), nebulizer solution or prednisone.

What should I do if I have more severe symptoms?

If you have symptoms that need to be addressed urgently, such as severe wheezing or shortness of breath, or typically receive prednisone or nebulizer treatment for your symptoms, it’s safest for you to be seen in clinic for your asthma management. If you think that you are having an asthma attack or your symptoms are worsening quickly, please seek care immediately by going to your nearest emergency room, urgent care center, or calling 911.

What are the advantages of Virtuwell?

  • The convenience of no trip to the clinic
  • Fast treatment — usually in about an hour
  • Affordable and transparent pricing
  • Same-day prescription pick up at your local pharmacy
  • Trusted care and free follow-up from board-certified nurse practitioners
  • Treatment plans tailored to your situation and asthma triggers

What else does Virtuwell treat?

We treat a wide range of everyday conditions, similar to those treated at a convenience clinic or urgent care. Common reasons to use Virtuwell include: acne, birth control, bladder infections, cough and crud, cold sores, ear infections, eczema, flu (seasonal), pink eye, rashes, sinus infections, STIs, upper respiratory infections, yeast infections and more. We also provide online information and consultation for COVID-19. Check out the complete list of the conditions we treat online.

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