Breathe easy this season

Managing allergies is possible

When you have allergies, your body reacts to things like pollen, pet dander, or mold. The body’s immune system wants to fight them off and releases histamines. But histamines cause swelling and inflammation, leading to symptoms like sneezing, a runny nose, and itchy eyes.

Prime triggers

What causes allergies?


Grasses, flowers, ragweed, and other plants


Mold spores found inside and out


Pet dander, from furry and feathered friends


Dust, smoke, or cleaning products


Can I “tough it out?”

When seasonal allergies hit, you may find you’re avoiding going outdoors or other activities. Left untreated, allergy symptoms can last throughout spring and summer depending on your triggers. These symptoms can be hard to ignore, making your daily life a little less enjoyable. And the longer symptoms last, the more likely you are to get a sinus or upper respiratory infection.


How can virtuwell help?

With so many options, finding the right treatment can feel confusing, even overwhelming. Our nurse practitioners can help diagnose your allergies and create a plan that brings relief, without the guesswork. Your plan may include medications or prescriptions including: antihistamines, nasal steroids, eye drops, and decongestants.

Other helpful tips

Anything else to try?

Be aware of pollen levels

Resources like let you see the pollen levels in your zip code. Even small steps like shutting windows or wearing sunglasses can all help protect against pollen.

Reduce allergy triggers

Changing your clothes after being outdoors, washing bedding often, and removing your shoes when you come indoors, can help keep allergens out of your home.

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