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Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to get allergy treatment online?

Yes. Our online clinic follows the best standards used by traditional clinics and urgent cares. We factor in your allergy history and current situation to prescribe the best allergy treatment for your specific symptoms. Your allergy prescriptions can be picked up at any pharmacy you use and trust.

Who is prescribing my allergy treatment?

Virtuwell was designed and developed by HealthPartners, a health care system with a rich history in innovative care. Our board certified nurse practitioners are all licensed and experienced providers. Like a doctor, they can assess, diagnose and prescribe medications. Our practitioner team has nearly 300 collective years of clinical experience, with expertise spanning general practice, women’s health, dermatology, family medicine, geriatrics and pediatrics.

What will my visit cost?

An online allergy visit at Virtuwell is never more than $59, but insurance may bring your out-of-pocket cost lower. Allergy prescriptions are a separate cost, and may vary based on the type of medication prescribed, the pharmacy you choose, and your insurance coverage. While Virtuwell doesn’t control these prices, we’ll always help you find the most affordable option.

What else does Virtuwell treat?

We treat a wide range of everyday conditions, similar to those treated at a convenience clinic or urgent care. Popular reasons to visit include:

Acne, Birth control, Bladder infections, Cough and crud, Cold sores, Ear infections, Eczema, Flu (seasonal), Pink eye, Rashes, Sinus infections, STIs, Upper respiratory infections, Yeast infections and more. Check out our complete list of the conditions we treat online.

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