How virtuwell works

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How it Works (1:06)

virtuwell is a 24/7 online
medical clinic.

We treat more than 50 common conditions like sinus infections, bladder infections, pink eye and acne. Certified nurse practitioners make a diagnosis, create a personalized treatment plan and send a prescription if needed.

virtuwell process

    Tell us your symptoms in a simple online interview. If we determine you can be treated safely online, your interview will be sent to a nurse practitioner for review.

    Once we determine we can treat you, you'll create a secure account that includes payment and if you’re insured, insurance information.

    A nurse practitioner will create a treatment plan, with prescriptions if necessary, and notify you in 30 minutes or less by text or email. Prescriptions will be sent directly to your favorite pharmacy.

    Once a nurse practitioner sends your treatment plan, we will take care of billing. You will never be charged more than $45 for a visit. If you are using insurance, we’ll submit the claim on your behalf.

    Follow your treatment plan and start feeling better. If you have questions, talk to one of our nurses. Follow up calls are free and can be requested at any time.

    A refreshingly simple experience

    No waiting and no hassle.

    • From home, work or even traveling, virtuwell is always available from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
    • A virtuwell visit begins with a simple question, "What do you think you have?"
    • You don’t need video and there's no waiting for a doctor or nurse to get started.
    • Registration and payment are the last steps, after we determine if we can help.

    Safety is our top priority.

    • Our clinic treats more than 50 conditions determined safe for online care.
    • virtuwell is physician recommended.
    • We ask the same questions online a doctor would ask in an office visit.
    • If a condition requires an in-person visit, we can help locate the nearest clinic at no cost.

    Diagnosis by board-certified nurse practitioners

    • Caring nurse practitioners make a diagnosis in about 30 minutes and are available around the clock for questions.
    • For certain conditions we’ll ask for a photo – it’s an easy upload.
    • We’ll send you a text or email when the treatment plan is ready. (view sample)
    • When needed, we send a prescription to your pharmacy.

    $45, with free follow-up care

    • A virtuwell visit costs $45.
    • If covered by insurance, you may pay even less. We’ll submit the claim for you.
    • Follow-up calls are free and you can request one any time.
    • We offer a virtuwell guarantee. We’ll refund your money if you’re not completely satisfied.

    Secure from the start

    How virtuwell protects your security and health information.
    Security FAQs ›

    We make paying easy


    Just enter your insurance information and a credit card

    We’ll submit the insurance claim on your behalf

    Your insurance company responds, usually within 45 days

    We’ll charge your credit card the remainder and send a receipt

    Just enter your credit card information

    We’ll charge your credit card and send a receipt

    You only pay if we can treat your condition

    98% of customers would recommend us.

    98% Yay!
    "virtuwell is a genius idea that makes life 10 times easier for people in general, and 100 times easier for busy moms."
    Lindsay, Eureka Award Judge
    "I used virtuwell for my daughter. This made it very easy for me and I didn't have to leave work early or take her out in bad weather."
    Carolyn, busy mom
    "I was cooking and cleaning while receiving medical care!"
    Amy, party host
    "A UTI came up suddenly and could have ruined my vacation. I found you online on Monday and got immediate HELP! By Tuesday. I was already feeling better. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"
    Myra, family vacationer
    "loved virtuwell and will definitely use again!"
    Janice, business traveler
    "As a physician, I thought that the questions about my symptoms were important and definitely ruled out things that shouldn't be diagnosed or treated online. I feel the correct diagnosis was reached and the treatment plan was ready in about 15-20 minutes."
    Teresa, impressed doctor
    "I'm so impressed with my virtuwell experience. I've been telling friends, family, and especially co-workers how easy and affordable my experience was."
    Greg, good friend
      Tenke Award

      Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s Eureka! Award winner for Innovation in Healthcare

      Tenke Award

      Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA)’s Tekne Award winner for Healthcare Delivery.

      Leaders in Healthcare Award

      Minnesota Business Magazine’s Leaders in Healthcare Award winner for Software/Web Application.

      Ready to give us a try?

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